How to do journalism

How to do journalism 1.

I doubt many people missed BBC reporter John Sweeney’s ‘exploding tomato’ impersonation (his description) when he seriously lost it while interviewing some Scientologists recently but, just in case, here it is.You might want to turn the volume down a bit first.  

How to do journalism 2.

Less well aired, but just as much fun, is this old newspaper careers film, from the 1940s. Younger readers may wonder about the clankety clank things in the film, that look like computers without screens: they’re called typewriters. And the things with dials on, and wires coming out of them, are telephones. The only giveaway that the whole thing might be a hoax is the bit where the chief sub, in suspiciously polite conversation with a printer, actually touches some type – without losing his fingers.  

How to do journalism 3.

Back on home ground, Glamorgan student Ryan Heeger has posted a report of his work placement at Mixmag at  This is a new one for me – reading a bit of work on Myspace, with music, before I get round to marking it. Nice one Ryan!

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