Congratulations … and thanks

Congratulations to students who are already making a name for themselves ahead of graduation – we had two shortlisted for Press Gazette awards; one winning a place as a Trinity Mirror trainee; one already at a news agency; one winning a scholarship to fund postgraduate broadcast training; and another getting a job as a journalist in the Seychelles. We await news of the others.

Thanks are due to the following who helped out by giving their time to speak to our students or hosting visits by them this year: Paul Nicholas, deputy managing editor of the News of the World
; Paul Mulligan of Redhanded magazine
; Sandra Davis and Mark Hutchings of the BBC; Gavin Allen of the South Wales Echo; award winning BBC Northern Ireland journalist Martin O’Brien
; Dean Powell, press officer at RCT council; James Stewart, investigative reporter; and His Hon Judge David Wynn Morgan, Cardiff Crown Court.

This does not include, of course, the many part time staff involved on a regular basis throughout the year.

Sincere thanks also to employers who hosted work placements for around 70 students during the year in South Wales and beyond. Apart from going to local newspapers, magazines and radio stations too numerous to mention, eighteen went to Wales This Week at ITV, a few to the European Commission office in Cardiff in a new arrangement for us, and one even found himself a post in New York.

And a final thanks to all those who helped with our Community Radio Symposium, which drew delegates from UK and Europe; a news-writing seminar for the Association for Journalism Education
and the drawing up three new post-graduate degrees in investigative journalism, interactive journalism, and multi-platform radio.

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