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Is justice being seen to be done?

Once upon a time there were reporters in most law courts. Thirty years ago, one of them heard Cardiff’s Stipendiary Magistrate adjourn a case against a defendant with a recommendation which was certainly out of order. ‘Make sure you get … Continue reading

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Why journalists need their wits about them

Being ‘economical with the truth’ is just one description of the way politicians will twist and turn to avoid answering difficult questions. To stop them hoodwinking the public, journalists (especially live interviewers) need to be quick on their feet. Michael … Continue reading


Twittering as a newspaper dies

You know something’s up when the men in suits come into the newsroom, especially when they are wearing expressions that you normally see on the faces of undertakers. Now you can watch a newspaper (the Rocky Mountain News) die, online … Continue reading


European students behaving like the Welsh!

According to Leopold Bloom, an Englishman’s proudest boast is ‘I paid my way.’ Unfortunately, it seems, not all nationalities are so honourable! Because of the Single Market, EU students at universities in England and Wales are entitled to the same … Continue reading