European students behaving like the Welsh!

According to Leopold Bloom, an Englishman’s proudest boast is ‘I paid my way.’ Unfortunately, it seems, not all nationalities are so honourable!

Because of the Single Market, EU students at universities in England and Wales are entitled to the same subsidised loans as those from Britain. They’re all supposed to pay the money back once their earnings reach a certain level. But according to the Western Daily Press (3 March 2009), more than a thousand have failed to start repaying – leaving the British taxpayer to pick up a bill which runs into ‘millions of pounds’.

So what’s the headline on the report?

‘Cheating students czech out without paying’?

‘Cheating students hungary for British loans’?

‘Cheating students bulgar off with our money’?


‘Cheating students welsh on their loans’ – of course!

There’s no suggestion that students from Wales have been guilty of this deception, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Like the devious Mugabe (see my earlier posting at these European students turn out to be no better than England’s unreliable neighbours – at least so far as this Bristol paper is concerned.

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36 Responses to European students behaving like the Welsh!

  1. theagingfanboy says:

    I would imagine that they would say they are using a recognised word, although it’s one that we could do without. All the folks who wear those hysterically funny shirts which say “I support anyone playing against England” would support Mugabe in a rugby game though….

  2. Darren says:

    I thought it was “welch” when you “welch on a bet”.

  3. James Stewart says:

    Welch or Welsh – there’s no difference. The Welch Regiment is the Welsh regiment.

  4. theagingfanboy says:

    Anyone ever used the phrase “Dutch courage”? Or been gypped out of something? Perhaps we could Scotch these comments!

  5. James Stewart says:

    Welsh or Welch?

    On this point, the Guardian’s stylebook is interesting:

    welch (not welsh) to fail to honour an obligation

    Welch Regiment, Royal Welch Fusiliers

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  17. Kay says:

    I think this article is quite an offensive one! I am Welsh and may have a slight bias view, however I still feel that this article could have been worded in a more constructive manner as opposed to being more of a ‘rant’. I feel from reading this article that the author has an obvious issue with ‘Englands Unreliable Neighbours’. I believe that the English going back through history have more of an ‘unreliable’ character than the Welsh. Too say it bluntly. Even though the author did write – ‘as far as this bristol paper is concerned…’ In a way to cover up the true views of the author, that the welsh are not friendly neighbours. I’m sure in Wales we know who our neighbours are and always give polite hellos. Unlike the hustle and bustle – no time to say hello, i’m too busy country!

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  20. Rachael says:

    I agree with Kay. Some English writers will take cheap shots at us (welsh). The only thing I will say is that there has be alot of money plundered out of Wales through raping the country of its coal and industries, thus in doing so the health of the people! My view is that the people of Wales have already paid for their children’s University fees through working hard for a Government centrally based in London! All our major industries have gone and we have a high level of unemployment as there was and is nothing to replace these industries. So the chances of finding a job which pays enough for student loans to reclaim their money is slim (especially in the valleys). I’m sure now with this recession the English will find themselves in the same boat as us when there is no work about.

    In the words of the tour guide of Parliament she summed the trip up when we were in the lobby between the House of Commons and the House of Lords when she was talking about how not to get lost in the place. In the lobby there is 4 doors and above each is a statute. Above the door to leave the building is Saint Patrick (the Irish are always the first to leave), above the door opposite is Saint Andrew which leads to the bar (Scots are great drinkers). Above the door to the Commons is Saint David as the Welsh are great speakers and finally above the door to the House of Lords is Saint George because the English always think they know best and are of a higher standing than the others!

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  26. weerforma says:

    Stunning story, I didn’t thought this was going to be so amazing when I klicked at the title with link!

  27. Chris Blackwell says:

    Its a good one to have a go at the students. Many journalists seem to enjoy a good student battering now and again. It even sometimes leads me to buy the Sun to see where comic book take on the situation.

  28. Chris Blackwell says:

    Its a good one to have a go at the students. Many journalists seem to enjoy a good student battering now and again. It even sometimes leads me to buy the Sun to see there comic book take on the situation.

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