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Journalistic start-ups – a case study

We are indebted to Chris Brown, editor of Bristol 24-7 who spoke to our students yesterday about the realities of doing entrepreneurialism journalism. His main themes are becoming familiar here: your journalism is your showcase but you can’t charge for … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial journalism

Meet Danny, Jack and James, of Little White Lies , Bad Idea , and London-Se1 . They are young journalism entrepreneurs, who recently shared their thoughts with journalism lecturers at the January seminar of the AJE . Delegates also heard … Continue reading

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Welsh journalist who exposed the famine in Ukraine

This week saw showings in Cardiff and Aberystwyth of a remarkable documentary film telling the story of the famine which devastated Ukraine in 1932-33. Central to this Ukrainian film ‘The Living’ were the story and letters of Gareth Jones, a … Continue reading

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How blogging has changed journalism

I’m a keen follower of the blogs posted by Betsan Powys, the BBC’s political editor in Wales. I learn more about what’s really happening from her blogging than from her more formal reporting on radio or TV. She recently ‘live-blogged’ … Continue reading

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The business of journalism – from the man who knows

We’re off to a seminar on entrepreneurialism in journalism – and how to integrate it into teaching. It’s organised by the AJE, with which Glamorgan staff have long been actively involved. We’re looking forward to a chat with Jeff Jarvis.

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Life outside the paywalls

A student sent me a link to an interesting Wall Street Journal piece this week; wonderful, except that I hit a paywall after reading the first couple of pars. I didn’t pay to read on because: 1. It would have … Continue reading

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Why study journalism if there are no jobs?

The world of journalism is undergoing a crisis – or a revolution – which presents an enormous challenge to those working in it and those hoping to join it. Will there be jobs in journalism as we know them? If … Continue reading


Old news is snow news

I rushed to three of the top local news websites this morning to get the latest on the weather, and found that they hadn’t woken up yet. At 0749 today (Wednesday January 6) Media Wales’s top snow story was one … Continue reading


Old papers

Having a Christmas clear-out I decided to recycle various bits of paper lying on and around my desk. Among them was a page from this university’s staff newspaper ‘Bulletin’, with (appropriately) a section headed ‘Ways you can help us to … Continue reading

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