Old papers

Having a Christmas clear-out I decided to recycle various bits of paper lying on and around my desk. Among them was a page from this university’s staff newspaper ‘Bulletin’, with (appropriately) a section headed ‘Ways you can help us to be green’. Not surprisingly, this included encouragement to recycle old paper – which brings me back to the theme of this blog post.

The last green tip is headed ‘News for free’ and it encapsulates very succinctly the problem facing the press across the world:
‘Don’t spend money buying newspapers. Read the news online! It will save you money and reduce the amount of waste paper produced.’

All the research shows that millions of people are taking this advice. But the newspapers they are reading online are facing the biggest crisis in their history as a result.

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  1. Robert says:

    Even if they don’t like reading news online, Metro and other free papers have firmly embedded the expectation that written news, like TV news and radio news, should be free.

    Why buy a paper, of which I might read only 8%, if I can read what I want, when I want, in less ink-staining format, online?

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