Journalistic start-ups – a case study

We are indebted to Chris Brown, editor of Bristol 24-7 who spoke to our students yesterday about the realities of doing entrepreneurialism journalism.

His main themes are becoming familiar here:
your journalism is your showcase but you can’t charge for it;
revenue comes in through side doors;
advertising is a blunt tool, but clients will pay if you can show them ways to sharpen it;
and you won’t get far by failing to understand how the social and professional media interact.

The multifarious skills, roles and revenue streams which Chris juggles sounded akin to those of a one-man/jobbing printer/journalist/bookbinder/debate-facilitator etc of a few centuries ago. He seems to belong to an artisanal tradition which was the forerunner of big-business journalism and to which, perhaps, journalism might return.

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  1. James Stewart says:

    We aim to podcast a recording of our conversation with Chris Brown’s – so watch this space!

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