Ten Tips from the Top

A group of third-year and post-graduate students from the University of Glamorgan recently visited London.  They went to the House of Commons, the Daily Telegraph, the BBC World Service and BBC Television Centre.  Here are ten memorable points made by the people they were fortunate enough to meet:

 ‘I’m still thinking about how I can keep a competitive edge’ – Huw Edwards, BBC TV News

‘The new generation of journalists need basic news knowledge but also need to know about social networking, blogging,  podcasts and search-engine optimisation’ – Urmee Khan, Digital Media Correspondent, Daily Telegraph

‘Hand-held appliances are changing the whole approach of the World Service to programming’ – Simon Derry, BBC World Service Trust

‘I rely on Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds’ – Urmee Khan, Daily Telegraph

‘TV is being viewed on mobile phones in Africa by people who cannot afford terrestrial or satellite television’ – Joseph Warungu, Head of African News & Current Affairs, BBC World Service

‘The MPs’ expenses story shows that newspapers are still at the cutting edge of journalism’ – George Newkey-Burden, Daily Telegraph

‘It’s all about story-telling’ – Kerensa Jennings, BBC College of Journalism

 ‘Any time you invest in improving your (English) language skills is time which will reap great benefits’ – Huw Edwards, BBC TV News

‘The core skills don’t change, but new media are constantly changing’ – Kevin Marsh, BBC College of Journalism

‘The relationship between an MP and the press is sacrosanct’ – Elfyn Llwyd MP

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Senior Lecturer in Radio Journalism. http://staff.glam.ac.uk/users/1713-jstewart
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