Guardian showcase for student work

Glamorgan journalism student Steven Lawless has been writing about ships and libraries for the Guardian local site in Cardiff.

This pilot project in local journalism by the Guardian has proved a useful one for our students. For a snapshot of examples of their work there, and elsewhere, let your cursor hover over the links on the right of the page.

In the meantime, the three best things I’ve read this week on the future of journalism are:

  • this on how algorithms are generating the ‘talking points’ that journalists traditionally find by a mix of instinct and experience
  • this bleak commentary on local news in South Wales which has now provoked a backlash from the Western Mail – see comment below
  • and this report on the Scottish scene, from which lessons can surely be drawn

These are interesting times, with opportunities as well as challenges, as colleague James Stewart pointed out  on these pages just a few weeks ago. And if you want to spend a year pondering some of the questions raised at the links above, there are still places on our MA courses where you can do just that – while polishing your professional skills, too.

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  1. Sue Burnett says:

    Re the ‘bleak commentary on local news in South Wales’, here’s the rebuttal from Trinity, reported in the Guardian:

    Astonishing that they present the merged newsdesks as a good thing…

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