Hyperlocal journalism: return of the start-ups

It’s week two for new students on our MA Interactive Journalism and already one of them, Andrew Collins, has made the news – in a write-up  by the Guardian’s beat-blogger for Cardiff, here. More to come soon, without doubt, about Andrew and his fellow students.

This time last year there was a flurry of hyper-local start-ups – some of them student-based – in Cardiff and plenty of comment about them, as in this example from Joni Alexander.

 Joni is a veteran DIY journalist herself, having launched Llandaff News after leaving her state-side journalism career at USA Today in 2007 to study in Cardiff.  The Llandaff blog led her into a professional role within Media Wales, working on hyperlocal projects in the South Wales valleys.

 Now Joni is teaching part time at Glamorgan, and Andrew is one of her students. The hyperlocal season, it seems, has resumed.

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