Stop Press – Bridgend murder

The news on Radio Wales this morning (25 Oct) was dominated by the murder of a 15-year-old girl from Bridgend.
According to the BBC, the body of Rebecca Aylward, 15, from Maesteg, near Bridgend, was found in woodland just outside Aberkenfig at about 9am on Sunday. But there was no mention of her death in the Western Mail on Monday morning.
I understand the BBC newsroom had the story from the police at 11.30pm on Sunday night. In the old days that would certainly have made the paper – not any more.
What’s even more shocking to a journalist of the old school is that the story didn’t make it into the South Wales Echo either. What used to be an evening paper is now produced overnight like the Western Mail. Once upon a time, the Echo could be updated in the early afternoon – and then there was the ‘stop press’ box on the backpage, which could carry news from even later in the day.
In the age of Twitter (only recently Greater Manchester Police tweeted everything they did for 24 hours), where does this leave the printed press?

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  1. theagingfanboy says:

    Any idea what the South Wales Echo and the Western Mail have to say about why they didn’t have coverage?

    On the second issue, I can’t see a twit feed replacing something you can read in one go; aren’t they really different audiences. When it’s announced that teh “twittersphere”(?) is alive with comment does that mean the commentator has actually read all of them?

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