Freelancing for all ages

In the last of this term’s Media, Culture & Journalism guest ‘lectures’, Steve Groves gave students invaluable advice on how to operate as a freelance – in journalism and the wider media. Steve worked for many years as an employee of Thomson newspapers and the BBC before taking the plunge into the world of independent radio production in his 50s. He now produces radio features for Radio 4 and Radio Wales, writes a weekly column for the Western Mail and works with a number of charities and community organisations.

The lessons he has learned about how to succeed are equally relevant to young graduates plunging into the icy waters of self-employment, which is likely to be the reality facing them in the changing media world of the 21st century. Steve gave his advice in a conversation with journalism lecturer James Stewart.

You can hear it all here.

Freelancing For All Ages by Steve Groves by Nicola Munday

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