Are you listening to Exposure Radio?

For the next two weeks, students at the Atrium in Cardiff will be broadcasting from morning to night as part of an innovative, web-based radio project.

Exposure Radio is being run by third-year radio students and post-graduates specialising in multiplatform radio and interactive journalism.

The station is ‘on the air’ from 10 to 5, Monday to Friday, with music shows, topical features, documentaries, drama and news. Supervised by staff from Media, Culture & Journalism, the students are taking full responsibility for production, presentation and the management of the station.

Guest musician John Nicholas (centre) with two of the Exposure team

The story was covered for the Guardian by one of the MA students involved with the website.

As part of the project, the team have been awarded an ‘innovation in learning and teaching’ grant to experiment with live-blogging on the site and investigate the potential of social networking to enhance the output and impact of community radio stations in Wales.

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