Reporting the Arab Spring – Wyre Davies ‘hits the ground running’

How does a foreign correspondent become a world authority within days on a country he has never visited? Speaking in Cardiff, BBC Middle East correspondent Wyre Davies described the challenge posed by the first revolution of the ‘Arab Spring’, in Tunisia. You can hear some of what he said here.

Davies spoke as the guest of the Welsh Centre for International Affairs at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff, giving a wide-ranging talk about politics across north Africa and the middle east.

When the BBC’s correspondent speaks, the world listens – so how does a reporter become an almost-instant authority? Davies pointed out that he has been working in the middle east for several years, but admitted he had never been to Tunisia before this year’s revolution.

As well as paying tribute to the general journalistic skill of swiftly mastering the essentials of a story, Davies gave credit to the BBC’s local stringers and freelances – and to the bloggers and other users of social networking across the Arab world.

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