This is Swansea, Bach….

Lyndon Jones, Lecturer in Radio and Audio at the ATRiuM, is one of the sound artists contributing to Klang Canteen, an exhibition opening next week at Swansea’s Elysium Gallery.

‘Klang’ is German for sound, and in this exhibition visitors are encouraged to take their sandwiches to the gallery to simultaneously consume the edible and the audible.

Most of the works in the exhibition utilise the now ancient medium of the cassette, and Lyndon’s piece, lasting around 11 minutes, uses a 4-track ‘Portastudio’ to create a quadrophonic soundscape for the listener. This is Swansea, Bach… mixes performances by the Swansea Bach Choir, recorded by Lyndon last month, with thoughts from Eddie Ladd, one of the choir’s sopranos, and Swansea street sounds.

Elysium Gallery
Cradock Street
Open 12-5, Wednesday to Saturday
Klang Canteen runs 18th – 28th January

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