Glamorgan Graduate Elected in Cardiff

THE political landscape of Wales has changed again today.  As the results of the council elections are revealed, it’s apparent that Welsh Labour is enjoying its best showing since local council reorganisation in 1996..

I’ve always loved election nights. Having to watch the coverage on the television or listen on the radio just isn’t the same as being in the thick of it at a count or producing a radio or TV programme which ran through the night. Now that I’m no longer working for a news organisation, the need to stay awake for the best part of 24 hours to cover such a significant event isn’t there, but I usually do it anyway. 

Following the twists and turns live as an observer isn’t the same, but it’s in my blood, and I am compelled to do it because it means I am still, in some small way, part of this hugely significant unfolding story.

Last night’s stay-awake was no exception, but there was an added incentive because someone I know well was standing for election for the first time. Peter Bradbury completed a Media Studies and Sociology degree at the University of Glamorgan in 2004. He was one of a team of six radio students who worked with me every weekend to produce a four hour programme for the community station GTFM. The Season Ticket is a sports show which still exists today – one of a number of legacies left by a variety of students over the years.

Peter wanted to follow his dream and become a sports broadcaster, but the opportunities didn’t arise and instead he chose to pursue another passion, politics. He is currently working as a researcher for Cardiff West MP Kevin Brennan.

Earlier this year he addressed a seminar I organised at the culmination of a live broadcast project called Exposure Radio. Peter was one of our alumni who returned to tell the current intake what a degree from the University of Glamorgan had equipped them to do with their professional lives. He explained how important his radio experience had been in developing his confidence, equipping him to work as part of a team, building essential communication skills, pushing him outside his comfort zone.

In the early hours of this morning he was named as one of two Welsh Labour councillors to be elected in Caerau, Cardiff. Peter took a massive 21% of the votes. When I tweeted him just before six, he was understandably overwhelmed by the nights’ events, responding with a “thanks Julie, I feel very humbled”. I, in turn, feel very proud to know that one of my former students has won such a ringing endorsement and is getting the chance to pursue his dream of further developing his political career.

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