Wales tops radio listening – but TV tops for local news

Adults in Wales listen to radio more than those in any other nation of the UK, according to Ofcom’s latest Welsh ‘market report’.  But they turn to TV as their main source for local news – again more than in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

According to Ofcom’s news release, average weekly radio listening among adults in Wales in 2011 stood at more than 23 hours.  In 2011, 71 per cent of adults in Wales named TV as their main source of local news, higher than the UK average of 53 per cent, and the highest of all the nations.

Ofcom also highlight the fact that Wales has the highest adoption of e-readers in the UK.  Thirteen percent of adults in Wales had an e-reader in the first quarter of 2012, compared to an average 10 per cent across the UK.

But there’s a long way to go in terms of broadband access. Wales had the lowest household availability of superfast broadband services across the UK nations in March 2012, at 34 per cent.

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