Radio: A world view from a small nation

The range, diversity and impact of radio around the world is explored in a new book published by the University of Wales Press, with fascinating contributions from the radio team at the ATRiuM and colleagues from universities in Britain and beyond.

Radio in Small Nations is subtitled Productions, Programmes, Audiences and edited by Glamorgan’s Richard J Hand and Mary Traynor.  It may focus on small countries, but it amounts to a comprehensive picture of radio’s development and importance across the globe.

From Wales to Ireland, from New Zealand to Laos, the book explores the ways in which radio has given a voice to people who are often marginalised in the mass media.

As the editors say: ‘Radio has played and continues to play a key role in nurturing or denying – even destroying – people’s sense of collective identity … The chapters in this volume combine to provide an historical and contemporary overview of radio in small nations … As a whole, the collection strives to present diverse voices and diverse themes held together by passionate and scrupulous research.’


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