Exposure is Back!

For the third year running January was a month of madness. Nothing to do with the post-Christmas blues or the inclement weather, but the preparations for and arrival of another three week live broadcast project named by the class of 2011: Exposure Radio.

Each year our final year undergraduate and our postgraduate students work together on a multi platform media project. Our radio students broadcast general programmes, news programmes and specialist programmes. Our journalism students provide news stories and our website hosts those news stories, along with feature pieces and pictures.

We’ve just completed week two. The project is always a huge challenge for the students taking part. However much you warn them of the depth of commitment required or the need to prepare and plan, check and double check, practice until they can’t practice any more, it always comes as a shock to the system. This year is no exception.

This isn’t, and could never be, a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 commitment. Anyone who’s worked in the media will tell you that being a producer, a journalist, a content-maker, is something you live and breathe. You can’t go into a project like this and expect it to be anything but all-consuming.

Learning is a process. And everyone does it differently. Everyone has learned something this week. Most of our new team have learned a great deal and that’s what this project is all about. We’re aiming to simulate a professional media environment – and that presents the kind of challenges most of our students haven’t encountered before. They’ve worked long days and nights. They’ve had to meet tight deadlines and some of them have had to cope with the disappointment of being told that what they’ve produced hasn’t yet made the mark – just as they would in “proper” media environment.

One of the highlights so far was our fundraising day for the Welsh cancer charity Tenovus. Two of our graduates now work for the charity and have been instrumental in helping this year’s team get access to some inspirational people. On Friday we held a cake sale, which raised £70 for the charity. This week, the final one of the project, will see the students attempting to raise more money and awareness for a charity which has more than a passing affinity with the University of Glamorgan and Exposure. You can check out how they get on at Exposure Radio.

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I'm a journalist with extensive experience working in radio, television, newspapers and magazines. I've been a manager, broadcaster and content producer for various media outlets including BBC, ITV and Northcliffe Newspaper Group. I have a passion for teaching and learning, social media and football.
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