Getting his voice heard: CJ Edwards makes the grade

HAVING just completed a two week live television project as part of final year undergraduate assessments, I can’t say I’ve had much time to tune into anything other than Exposure TV over the last few weeks. I potentially had a bit of catching up to do this weekend. I’ve always been a big fan of BBC One’s The Voice and I’ve just become an even bigger one after discovering that a former student has scooped the last slot on the show.


CJ Edwards was a Performance and Media student. He graduated from the then University of Glamorgan two years ago with a first class honours degree. I first encountered him in his final year when I taught him on a TV Presentation module. As his BBC publicity shot above demonstrates, CJ is the type of person who makes an instant impression. He was always going to be a star, and it seems that now he has the platform on which to shine.

He’s being coached by multi-platinum selling artist, producer and Black Eyed Peas frontman I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of “banter” that’s likely to take place between the two of them! What I do know is that CJ is a young man with drive and ambition as well as a lot of talent. You can judge for yourself in the link below.

CJ Edwards BBC’s The Voice

Good luck CJ. There’ll be a lot of past and present students and staff rooting for you. And there’ll no doubt be some who are inspired to follow in your footsteps. (Probably not so many staff – but you never know!) Go Team Will!

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