Radio shines at Curious13 Final Show

Radio students graduating this summer put on a live final radio show during the Curious13 event at the Atrium in Cardiff on Friday night.  Broadcasting under the Exposure Radio brand, it was carried live to the world on the student Tequila Radio webstream.

The show was presented from the Atrium’s radio studios and relayed via the webstream and a live camera to a big screen in the foyer, where visitors could listen in quality via headphones.  Roving reporters in the ‘street’ were able to conduct live interviews at the drop of a hat.

Curious 13 radio

Picture courtesy of former student Liz Rawlins

TV students mounted a live show in a specially constructed studio which dominated the foyer at the event, but radio showed once more how it can move swiftly and lightly with minimum technical facilities.

The Exposure show was first with interviews with VIP guests including Geoff Williams, Head of BBC Wales Sport and Huw Rossiter, Director of Public Affairs at ITV Wales – and with the Acting Dean of the Faculty, Gill Sandford.  Others interviewed were Steve Fisher, in his role of airline pilot and Inga Burrows, who pulled the whole event together.  Students past and present spoke about their experiences at the university and in the world of work.

BA Radio student and one of the senior producers of Exposure Radio, Jordan Saville said: “I thought it was a great event. It was really nice to be able to stand alongside my fellow students and show off our hard work. I felt pleased to be a part of the project and it was great way to end the year. I think everyone deserves to feel proud about their work.”

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