Curious: The Final Journey for the Class of 2013

If ever there was a time to be proud of the achievements of our students it was last Friday. Curious 2013 Curious13 is the most ambitious collaborative event the Atrium building has seen and it certainly didn’t disappoint. A showcase of some of the best work our students have produced, it opened with a private viewing which adopted the theme of an airport departure lounge. Our undergraduates will soon be taking off on a new journey of course, one we hope will see them fulfill their career ambitions and put to good use all that we’ve taught them in the last three years. What better way to begin than with a chance to show some invited guests from industry, as well as family and friends, all that they’ve achieved.

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries brings together creative disciplines within the University of South Wales. Work from all six divisions, (Animation and Visual Effects, Communication Design and Technology, Drama, Fashion and Retail Design, Media and Music and Sound), was on display. During this academic year I’ve worked with BA Radio and BA Media Production students on live broadcast projects under the Exposure Radio and Television brand. Friday’s event was a perfect opportunity to test the learning of both sets of students – this time in front of a live and “present” audience. One of the most challenging elements of live broadcasting is coping with the unknown and they had to do a lot of that during the evening.

Curious 13 gallery

In the television control room, Media Production students produced the live programme, which was a very different experience from the live magazine show format they were used to. I took the chance to work with them and produced the first hour of the show – something I haven’t done for five years. We were all scaling new heights, but they were up to the challenge and I was a very proud producer/lecturer that night.

“The scale of the event was originally quite daunting, but I have never had so much fun and felt like I have gained so much,” said Gwyneth Humphreys.

“It was great working with a team that was happy and motivated to work. I hoped to gain a stronger understanding of my role as producer and generally get more experience from this, but I was also looking forward to working with some of the hardest working and nicest people I have ever met. I am glad to say both of those wishes came true.”

Her positive sentiments were echoed by Jayne Tennyson: “It was a great opportunity to work on a big project which had so many different departments of the Atrium working together. I really enjoyed producing the final hour of the showcase – it was the perfect end to my student life.”

Joe Anderton is a Performance and Media student and one of the presentation team on the show.

“The team as a whole has learned to deal with setbacks and things not happening when they should incredibly well. No-one really got stressed, it all ran like clockwork. That meant I was more calm than I was during Exposure, which meant I could enjoy the thrilling buzz of presenting even more.”

Leah Coombs added: “I didn’t expect so many people to be there and it was quite overwhelming when I stepped up onto the stage to start presenting. Once I got started though, I really enjoyed it. This experience has made me more determined to find a job in the industry.”

Curious 13 presenters

The final word goes to Christy Evans: “As it was the first showcase I didn’t expect much in the way of attendance or fanfare, however, on the night the atmosphere and general thoughts of those attending made me feel like I was a part of something quite huge.

“I hope that from taking part and talking to people I have made at least one person know who I am and have opened a window somewhere for my career to start. I am so glad that I got this opportunity – even if it leads to nothing I had the time of my life – and I look forward to seeing it grow each year and hopefully be invited to one in the future!”

Curious 13 GV

Pictures courtesy of former students Liz Rawlins and Will Barker and current student Emma Greedy

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